ADOS_2 (AUTISM DIAGNOSTIC OBSERVATION SCHEDULE 2nd Edition) is a diagnostic tool used In healthcare field that focuses on diagnosing ASD in children & adults  and help individuals receive the support and services they need. The ADOS-2 is the “Gold Standard” for diagnosing ASD.

It can contain people across the lifespan because it comprises several modules. Pehchan clinic in Islamabad selects the appropriate module for an individual based upon the person’s language ability.

At Pehchaan clinic we have a team of trained ADOS-2 Assessors, who help individuals identify their problems related to ASD and they provide a range of services to improve their neurodevelopmental limitations and empower them.

The clinic offers a variety of services for children with ASD, including assessment, diagnosis, menagement, and support.The clinic staff will be able to answer any questions you have about the ADOS-2 assessment and the process for scheduling an appointment.The clinic is committed to providing families with the information and resources they need to support their child’s development. At Pehchaan clinic main goal of ADOS-2 is to  improve specific  communication  difficulties.

Here are some key features of ADOS-2:

1.It is a semi-structured, standardised assessment instrument that includes a number of play-based activities designed to obtain information in the areas of communication, reciprocal social interactions, and restricted and repetitive behaviours associated with a diagnosis of ASD.

2.The ADOS-2 allows you to accurately assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorders across age, development level, and language skills.

3.It is standardised, which means that it has been carefully developed and tested to ensure that it is reliable and valid.

4.It is flexible, able to be used with individuals of all ages and developmental levels.

 At Pehchaan  ADOS-2 assessment uses various techniques and tools, including exercises, games, and technology-based interventions. They also work closely with family members, caregivers, and educators to provide guidance and support in implementing strategies outside of ADOS-2 Session.