Scheduling Your Path to Wellness at Pehchaan Clinic

Pehchaan Clinic is a mental health clinic, located in Islamabad, Pakistan. We offer a variety of mental health services; diagnosis Psychological tests/assessment, and a wide range if therapeutic interventions.

Pehchaan Clinic understands the importance of convenience when seeking mental health support. That’s why we offer several ways to easily schedule your initial appointment: through call, WhatsApp or, Online Booking through whatsapp

By providing multiple booking options, Pehchaan Clinic aims to facilitate your first step towards your mental/emotional wellness more convenient. So, feel free to reach out to us and book your appointment today.

Keep in mind:

    • Appointment availability may vary depending on the therapist and time of day.
    • If you have a specific therapist in mind, it’s best to call the clinic directly to confirm their consultation hours and booking process.

Pehchaan Clinic’s website offers our contact information for both phone and email. You can online book your appointment through the website or Email.

Pechaan Clinic is now easier than ever with our user-friendly online booking page. Whether you’re seeking counseling, therapy, or psychiatric services, you can schedule your appointment at your convenience by selecting your preferred date and time

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