IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Assessment

Intelligence testing broaches the way to analyse people’s performance in their daily life actions. It also helps in predicting one’s future behaviour and their life prospects through different diagnostic tools. It also helps in discovering a person’s involvements which can further help in educational purposes.

Here, in Pehchan clinic several kinds of intelligence tests are being offered , which opens the way to deal with novel situations. Pehchan clinic is staffed with highly qualified and psychologists who counsels you in a flourishing environment. 

Pehchan clinic’s main motive is to improve people’s mental health and lead them to a successful life ahead. Here are some areas in which Pehchan clinic offers therapies for those who are facing hurdles in such related situations.

Tests offered at Pehchaan

Raven’s Progressive Matrices:
This non-verbal test measures abstract reasoning and is often used to evaluate fluid intelligence. It involves completing patterns and is culture-fair, as it doesn’t rely on language.

The Slosson Intelligence Test:
It is a brief and individually administered intelligence test designed to provide an estimate of an individual’s general cognitive ability. It is often used in educational settings to quickly assess a person’s intellectual functioning. The Slosson Intelligence Test typically includes a series of questions and tasks, which can be completed in a relatively short time.

The Draw-A-Person (DAP):
This test is a projective psychological assessment that involves asking an individual, typically a child, to draw a picture of a person. The test was developed to gain insights into various aspects of the person’s personality, emotional state, and cognitive development. Here are some key points about the DAP test:

Pehchan clinic have highly qualified and trained therapists who not only deal with the particular person but also coordinates with friends, family, teachers and co-workers to work in a more meaningful way. They also involve games and different techniques to get fruitful results. 

Universal Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, 2nd Edition
It is a normalized intelligence test that is used to assess the intelligible abilities of people who have speech, language, or hearing loss, different cultural or language backgrounds, or who are unable to communicate verbally. It is used by psychologists, educators, and other professionals to assess the intelligible abilities of children and adults of all ages.
Pehchaan clinic offers the UNIT-2 assessment for children and adults of all ages by trained and experienced psychologists.