Academic Therapy for Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability puts certain limits in intellectual working and abilities, including correspondence, social and self-care abilities. These restrictions can be catered by proper therapy and treatment to make a child develop and learn normally.

Examples of intellectual disability may include a child who starts crawling, walking or speaking at a later stage than a normal child. Intellectual disability affects two things that include intellectual functioning and adaptive functioning. Intellectual functioning is one’s ability to learn, problem solving and other practical skills. While adaptive functioning is one’s ability to communicate, have self-care and be independent.

Academic therapy plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities in their educational journey. Pehchaan Clinic aims to shed light on the various aspects of academic therapy for learning difficulty and how it can positively impact individuals with intellectual disabilities. We explore different strategies, techniques, and interventions that can be utilized to enhance learning and academic performance for these individuals.

You can engage with other children going through similar problems, connect with them, exchange reliable ideas, and find inspiration to improve.
Whether you are a parent looking for guidance on supporting your child’s academic journey or an educator seeking effective teaching approaches, our professionals can provide valuable resources. We are dedicated to promoting inclusive education, advocating for the rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive academically.

Academic Therapy for Learning

Our experts provide comprehensive information regarding intellectual disabilities and how it may affect a child’s life decisions. We strive to raise awareness among parents, care givers and other professionals upon its causes, diagnosis and interventions. Pehchaan offers a platform for the children and their parents to connect, share experiences and seek professional advice.