Behavior Therapy for Autism, ADHD and other Behavioral Concerns

Autism is caused by differences within the development of the brain. Such people may face problems with social interactions, repetitive behaviors, and restricted interests. People with autism may have a different perspective towards the world and what it contains. They might adopt to different methods of learning, paying attention and taking interests in certain things.

Here at Pehchaan, qualified specialists helps one to deal with their Behavioral concerns related to Autism, ADHD, and conduct disorder and assist one with mastering methods and ability to carry on with a calmer and well managed life. 
The goal of behavioral management for autism is to help individuals with autism acquire new skills, improve their social interactions, enhance communication abilities, and reduce problematic behaviors that may interfere with their daily functioning and overall quality of life.

Certain assessments are conducted on every individual to understand the causes or functions of problem behaviors. The experts understand the triggers of certain behaviors and come up with treatments to adress the underlying issues affectively. Since social communication is affected with in autism, social skills training is conducted for every individual. This training focuses on initiating conversations, maintaining them and understanding certain social cues. Sharing, listening and taking turns are often utilized to improve social interaction skills. Self-management training is provided to create self-realization among the clients. This gives them a hold on to their own emotions and behavior. This way, they can understand certain actions and make appropriate choices accordingly. Team Pehchaan ensures to implement behavior therapy plan in a safe and respectful manner.