Pehchaan Clinic Videos: Mental Health Insights at Your Fingertips

Pehchaan Clinic utilises the social media platforms to educate and empower the community on mental health and related topics. Here’s what you can expect from our video content:

Expert Interviews: We host interviews with mental health professionals discussing topics like ADHD, ASD and various other concerns in children. This provides valuable insights for parents and caregivers.

Informative Content: Our videos aim to address specific mental health concerns like panic attacks, self-esteem, public speaking.

Accessible Platform: You can find these informative videos directly on their website.

Therapy Techniques: Videos showcasing relaxation techniques or mindfulness exercises can be a valuable resource for viewers.

Team Introductions: Short video introductions by therapists could help patients feel more comfortable before their appointments.

Pehchaan Clinic’s videos offer a starting point for mental health education. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel or website for future content that might address your specific needs.


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Social Anxiety


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