WRAT-5(Wide Range Achievement Test, 5th Edition)

 The Wide Range Achievement Test, 5th Edition (WRAT-5), is a valuable tool that plays a significant role in these clinics by assessing an individual’s academic skills, offering insights into cognitive functioning, and facilitating personalised treatment plans.

Pehchaan Clinic located in Islamabad; Pakistan provides holistic assessment tools that are crucial for providing comprehensive care to clients. They are focused on addressing emotional and psychological well-being, it is also very essential to assess client’s academic abilities. The purpose of Pehchaan Clinic in WRAT-5 is the client’s overall well-being, including their cognitive functioning, is of paramount importance.

Here are some benefits of using WRAT-5 in pehchaan clinic which include:

  • It is a standardised test: This means that it is administered and scored in the same way for all clients, regardless of where they are being tested. This makes it possible to compare the performance of different clients and to track their progress over time.
  • It is a comprehensive test: The WRAT-5 assesses a range of cognitive skills, including reading, writing, and arithmetic. This makes it a valuable tool for identifying learning disabilities and cognitive impairments that may be affecting a client’s ability to function in everyday life.