Summer camp 2024 for Adolescents

Duration: 2 weeks
Month: July 1st- July 11th
Age group: 13 to 16 years
Number of participants: 5
Time duration: 1 hours
Charges: 15,000/-
For registration contact: 03152780873
• Socialization
• Discipline
• Confidence building
• Manners
• Interpersonal relations
• Peer pressure
• Effective goal setting
• Time management
• Enhancing creative writing
• Gratitude and apology
• Gender equality

Week 1

Days Date Therapist Theme/s
Monday 1st July Maryum Naeem Self-esteem & Confidence
Tuesday 2nd July Tahira Javaid Interpersonal Relationships
Wednesday 3rd July Arooba Shah Time Management
Thursday 4th July Tahira Javaid Stress Management

Week 2

Days Date Therapist Theme/s
Monday 8th July Maryum Naeem Effective Goal Setting
Tuesday 9th July Tahira Javaid Life Balance
Wednesday 10th July Arooba Shah Emotional Intelligence
Thursday 11th July Tahira Javaid Gratitude