VABS-3(Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, 3rd Edition)

VABS-3(Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, 3rd Edition) is a standardised assessment tool, used to measure adaptive behaviour, individual`s daily functioning, emotional and behavioural disturbance.It also provides information for developing educational and treatment plans. The VABS-3 is commonly used to diagnose intellectual and neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Pehchan Clinic is a Mental Health Clinic located in Islamabad, Pakistan that provides support to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. The clinic offers a variety of healthcare services, including:

The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (VABS) is a standardized assessment tool used to measure adaptive behavior in individuals from birth to adulthood.

The VABS-3 assesses an individual’s adaptive functioning in three major domains: Communication, Daily Living Skills, and Socialization. These domains are further broken down into subdomains to provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s adaptive behavior.

The assessment is used in Pehchaan clinic to understand an individual’s strengths and areas of need, particularly in the context of developmental and intellectual disabilities and also identifies the client’s strengths which aids in therapeutic intervention and management plan.

Pehchan clinic services can also help individuals with developmental disabilities to improve their overall quality of life.This can be done by helping individuals to develop their cognitive skills, their physical skills, and their emotional regulation skills.