Dear Parents and Participants,

We are delighted to welcome you to our Summer Camp! Below is the detailed itinerary for each program, outlining the exciting activities and learning opportunities we have planned.

Attire: Comfortable clothing suitable for activities.
Supplies: All materials will be provided. However, participants are welcome to bring their favorite writing tools.
Snacks/Lunch: Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch and water bottles with them as lunch time will be provided.
Attendance: Regular attendance is encouraged to get the most out of the program.

Summer camp 2024 for kids

Duration: 4 weeks, 1st July-26th July
Age group: 5- 10 years
Number of participants: 5
Time duration: 2 hours
Charges: 15,000/-
For registration contact: 03152780873
Socialization, Discipline, Confidence building, Manners, Interpersonal relations, Peer pressure, Good and bad touch, Time management, Enhancing creative writing, Gratitude and apology, Gender equality.

Week 1

Days Date Therapist Theme Activities
Monday 1st July Ifrah Iqbal Confidence Confidence enhancement through various games
Tuesday 2nd July Faryal Basheer Gaming Goodness Ice-Breaker Fun Timed Challenges & Games Introduction to Social Skills
Wednesday 3rd July Arooba Shah Math Magicians Bingo, counting games, math scavenger hunt
Thursday 4th July Nida Sarwar Fine motor skills Crafts and DIY projects
Friday 5th July Mahwish Zafar Narration Storytelling, listening skills.

Week 2

Days Date Therapist Theme Activities
Monday 8th July Ifrah Iqbal Movie Day Animated movie, lesson
Tuesday 9th July Faryal Basheer Emotional Expression Healthy expression of emotions, Understanding Emotions Through Art
Wednesday 10th July Arooba Shah Patriotic Pakistan Learn more about Pakistan, Dressup in desi clothes, flag crafting
Thursday 11th July Nida Sarwar Sensory Integration Sensory bins, music and movement,
Friday 5th July Mahwish Zafar Problem Solving Maze fixing, team playing, time management

Week 3

Days Date Therapist Theme Activities
Monday 15th July Ifrah Iqbal Super Hero Dressup as favorite super hero, strengths and weakness of heroes, act.
Tuesday 16th July Faryal Basheer Creative Skills Creative activities
Wednesday 17th July Arooba Shah Little Scientists Planting seeds, animal habitats, making leaf booklets
Thursday 18th July Nida Sarwar Social Skills & Communication Role Playing Games, Social Circle, Board Games
Friday 19th July Mahwish Zafar Public Speaking Interactive Storytelling to Emphasize Politeness

Week 4

Days Date Therapist Theme Activities
Monday 22nd July Ifrah Iqbal Good & Bad Touch Introducing good and bad touch, how to stay safe, role play
Tuesday 23rd July Faryal Basheer Socialization Group Activities to Foster Teamwork
Wednesday 24th July Arooba Shah Artistic Adventures Crafting, card making, Creating Personal Schedules
Thursday 25th July Nida Sarwar Executive Functioning Planning and organizing, Memory Games, Time management.
Friday 26th July Mahwish Zafar Abstract Thinking Encouraging abstract thinking through different activities